T-Minus 1 Day!

CI1e_1gUwAAdBIPWell, we’re at less than a day until the journey begins. This time tomorrow, we’ll be on the road, or maybe even in Redding already. I guess we’ll see.

But I’m getting ahead of myself! Bonnie and I got a ton of requests from friends and family who want to be updated on the status of our move up to Vancouver, so we decided to start a blog. We’ll upload pictures, write some thoughts on the trip so far, and keep y’all posted on any interesting developments. Sounds like fun, don’t it?

Tomorrow when I get home from work, we’ll pack up the car and hit the road for the Great White North. Our first stop is Redding, CA, so expect the next update after we get settled into our hotel there. In the meantime, HOLY GUACAMOLE I’M SO EXCITED AND NERVOUS!



2 thoughts on “T-Minus 1 Day!

  1. Xanderkins

    I’m so excited for you guys and so sad to see you go! CONFLICTED EMOTIONS.

    Love you both,


    P.S. Speaking of Guacamole, what’s the avocado supply like up north?


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