First Night on the Road

Well, we’ve been on the road for 3 hours, and there was a kitty meowing for a solid 2 of them. She’s calmed down now that we’re in our hotel room for the night, and seems to have accepted that we’re not abandoning her.

OK, it’s past midnight and we’re freaking exhausted, time to dig some pj’s out of the giant pile o stuff in the corner. Until tomorrow night, signing off!



2 thoughts on “First Night on the Road

  1. Pa Seitz

    And so the Intrepid Explorers, and Agatha the Brave, begin their epic journey to the lands beyond the Northern Border of the Realm. What adventures await them? What Strange Creatures will they encounter? (stranger than Californians, I mean) What Challenges and Avocados will the Wild North scatter in their Path?
    Not to mention Seattle… bring your Jayne hats…
    Go be bad guys!


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