Day 3!

Well, we’re in Washington, as y’all saw from Bonnie’s posts. We’re currently in Everett, which has an adorable little downtown and a pizza place that we totally didn’t overindulge in. Nope, not us, no sir.

Earlier today we crossed the border from Oregon, and passed through Seattle. More importantly, however, was passing through Cowlitz! What the hell kind of name for a place is Cowlitz? There was a Cowlitz River and Cowlitz County, too. Not that great a name to be giving it 3 different things, Washington, but it certainly made us giggle. To be fair, we may have been on the road long enough to lose our minds entirely.

We also listened to Bob & Doug McKenzie’s Great White North Album, courtesy of Pete & Patty Pepper. It was a hoot, eh? Not gonna lie, when it was done I had to make sure I was still confident in the decision to move to a country full’a hosers! Fun fact: the insult “hoser” refers to the pre-zamboni days of Canadian ice hockey games, when the losing team would have to hose down the ice after the game. Love it!

Tomorrow is the big day, as we’ll be crossing the border into Canada, checking into our Extended Stay, and getting our SINs (like a social security number – we’ll be SINners!). Wish us luck with the border patrol! Oh, and we will definitely be wearing the awesome official Mountie hat Cailin got for us.


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