Life in Vancouver

It’s Day 3 of actually living in Vancouver, and we’re loving it! Neither of us are really city people, but it’s fun to be in the middle of everything for a while, and we’re slowly getting to know the city. One of our favorite pastimes is sitting in front of our big picture window and watching the city around us. We’ll probably look for somewhere further out when we get our own apartment, but for now this is great.

Agatha the Not-So-Brave-As-You-Might-Have-Heard is adjusting well to finally being done with the road trip. Yesterday we bought her a new kitty tree to apologize for the traumatic experience of being cooped up in a car with us. Now she can sit next to us on the couch without worrying about being accidentally bopped in the head.

Also, watch out American fast food, if Tim Horton’s ever moves south, y’all are in trouble with a capital T, and that rhymes with D and that stands for DONUTS! Seriously, their food is way better than it has any right to be, and Timbits are amazing. There’s one right around the corner, too, so it’s a struggle to not just go to Tim’s all the dang time. I hear the siren call…

What was I saying? Oh yeah, Canada! The people here are all so nice, we keep getting into conversations with random people and then going “oh wait, we’ve got a bunch of errands to run!” It’s pretty great, eh? I’m working remotely so I can’t go anywhere for 8 hours a day, but not having a commute leaves a lot of time in the evenings for adventuring.

Well, I’ve written about all I can think of to say at the moment, so I’m signing off. Until we have more to write about or some fun pictures to share, au revoir!


2 thoughts on “Life in Vancouver

  1. Julie Jellen

    Hi Dave and Bonnie: We’ve been following your posts but were busy at Spring Training in AZ. Now that we’re home, WHERE ARE ALL THE PHOTOS??? We sure would like to see that beautiful view you have from your window! And photos of your walks through Vancouver too! Sounds like you two have your work cut out for you now that you’ve actually arrived. Keep me posted as to how the citizenship stuff works – really interesting.
    Best of luck and lots of love,
    Julie and Ed


  2. Julie Jellen

    Dave-Boy and Bonnie: Hope all is well. We are thinking of you. Let us know how you’re doing when you get a chance. XXOO Julie


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