Hey Everyone! Just wanted to update. Dave starts his new job tomorrow which is exciting. I’m still looking, and the two places i’m trying to get certified with are hemming and hawing over my schooling, even though I had to get my schooling approved as transferable to Canada by their government. Though it hasn’t stopped me looking for a job, it has made it more difficult. We are currently looking for places to move to, might be in the New Westminster area, or East Vancouver. Both of us are a bit stressed but doing well. 🙂 I’ll try to put up some pictures of how lovely it is here soon.  We love you all and miss you terrible, and once we get it figured out i’m expecting everyone to visit.


2 thoughts on “Update

  1. Aunt Julie

    Great photos and captions, Bonnie! And thanks for the update – but too bad about all the government red tape – both with your job and the stuff with the car! Who knew?? XXOO. Julie


  2. Pa Seitz

    We visited! It was great! Vancouver is like a little clean version of SF! Dave and Bonnie are real fun, too. But I’m biased…
    We checked out their new digs in N Van and went on the Capilano Suspension Bridge. We weren’t scared. Well, OK, just a little.
    We wandered around Stanley Park, and went to the aquarium, which has a lot of nice exhibits, fluorescent jellyfish being my favorite.
    The waterfront in West Van (that’s what they call it) is very pretty. Seaplanes! Next visit I want a ride on one of those.


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