Hey Everyone! Just wanted to update. Dave starts his new job tomorrow which is exciting. I’m still looking, and the two places i’m trying to get certified with are hemming and hawing over my schooling, even though I had to get my schooling approved as transferable to Canada by their government. Though it hasn’t stopped me looking for a job, it has made it more difficult. We are currently looking for places to move to, might be in the New Westminster area, or East Vancouver. Both of us are a bit stressed but doing well. 🙂 I’ll try to put up some pictures of how lovely it is here soon.  We love you all and miss you terrible, and once we get it figured out i’m expecting everyone to visit.


Adventures and Goats

Hey Everyone!!!

I  know we are a bit slow on all the updates. First off it has almost been a month since we have moved up. I’m almost entirely done with my applications (I keep sending stuff in and having to get companies to send in copies, which takes a couple of weeks). I will be doing my last part of it tomorrow, hopefully. We almost have the car registered with the ICBC, Canada’s DMV + insurance. We drove down to Washington to get all the recall information on our car. We have to get one more recall done, which we are going to do Wednesday. We then have to take the car to Canada Tire, where they will look at our car and determine if it is “Canada legal” to be allowed to be registered. We know we will have to do some work like get daytime running lights installed, but hopefully it won’t be too much else. We then have to allow Canada Tire to fix everything that’s wrong (fingers crossed it won’t be super expensive). Then we have to go to the border again and talk to Border Patrol, turn in our car paperwork and list of stuff from our storage unit. Then, at long last, we can go to the ICBC and be done with the car. We are also currently figuring out how to get new licenses; it seems like we just trade them in because we are Americans and they have a deal with the USA.

Okay, now for the fun stuff! HERE are pictures of last weekend when we went to Stanley Park. Stanley Park is bigger than Central park in New York and like Central Park has many films and tv shows filmed there. Dave and I decided to take a horse drawn carriage tour of the park and here are pictures.  BUT FIRST Pictures of the zoo part of the Safari I promised you all earlier.

You know you’re in the right spot when a white peacock is sitting on the roof.
This is snowball, he’s a deer with a genetic problem, making him more white and knocked kneed.
He didn’t want any more pictures.
Dave made a friend
Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis..black swans.
Kookaburra smiles for the camera. Probably on a sugar high on all those gumdrops he ate..
Bobcat waiting for his food.
Still waiting.
Maned Wolf, so cool.
We watched him for a bit, probably made him nervous.
On the cat walk, he shakes his little tush on the cat walk.
All cats are cats!

Now for Stanley Park Pictures!

These were our horses the closest one is Matt, the other one is KHAAAN (I swear his name was Khan).
Horse Butt.
It’s a copper-coated wooden totem pole, about the relationship of the first nation people and the Portuguese settlers.
For Dennis ( I know how much you like ground art)
They were so lovely.
My favorite is the bottom figure,. He looks like he wants a hug.
Black squirrels, all descended from 8 breeding pairs, a gift from New York. Now they are a real nuisance, despite being freakin’ adorable.
The Lighthouse.
Seagull running away from my beautiful seagull call.

Last, but not least, random pictures that I want to share.

What a lovely view of Vancouver (that’s the part we are staying in)
Man that guy is moving
Look at him go.
He is a speed demon! (it’s a statue honoring a famous Canadian track & field Olympic winner, we forgot his name)
In our elevator mirror.

Life in Vancouver

It’s Day 3 of actually living in Vancouver, and we’re loving it! Neither of us are really city people, but it’s fun to be in the middle of everything for a while, and we’re slowly getting to know the city. One of our favorite pastimes is sitting in front of our big picture window and watching the city around us. We’ll probably look for somewhere further out when we get our own apartment, but for now this is great.

Agatha the Not-So-Brave-As-You-Might-Have-Heard is adjusting well to finally being done with the road trip. Yesterday we bought her a new kitty tree to apologize for the traumatic experience of being cooped up in a car with us. Now she can sit next to us on the couch without worrying about being accidentally bopped in the head.

Also, watch out American fast food, if Tim Horton’s ever moves south, y’all are in trouble with a capital T, and that rhymes with D and that stands for DONUTS! Seriously, their food is way better than it has any right to be, and Timbits are amazing. There’s one right around the corner, too, so it’s a struggle to not just go to Tim’s all the dang time. I hear the siren call…

What was I saying? Oh yeah, Canada! The people here are all so nice, we keep getting into conversations with random people and then going “oh wait, we’ve got a bunch of errands to run!” It’s pretty great, eh? I’m working remotely so I can’t go anywhere for 8 hours a day, but not having a commute leaves a lot of time in the evenings for adventuring.

Well, I’ve written about all I can think of to say at the moment, so I’m signing off. Until we have more to write about or some fun pictures to share, au revoir!

Day 3!

Well, we’re in Washington, as y’all saw from Bonnie’s posts. We’re currently in Everett, which has an adorable little downtown and a pizza place that we totally didn’t overindulge in. Nope, not us, no sir.

Earlier today we crossed the border from Oregon, and passed through Seattle. More importantly, however, was passing through Cowlitz! What the hell kind of name for a place is Cowlitz? There was a Cowlitz River and Cowlitz County, too. Not that great a name to be giving it 3 different things, Washington, but it certainly made us giggle. To be fair, we may have been on the road long enough to lose our minds entirely.

We also listened to Bob & Doug McKenzie’s Great White North Album, courtesy of Pete & Patty Pepper. It was a hoot, eh? Not gonna lie, when it was done I had to make sure I was still confident in the decision to move to a country full’a hosers! Fun fact: the insult “hoser” refers to the pre-zamboni days of Canadian ice hockey games, when the losing team would have to hose down the ice after the game. Love it!

Tomorrow is the big day, as we’ll be crossing the border into Canada, checking into our Extended Stay, and getting our SINs (like a social security number – we’ll be SINners!). Wish us luck with the border patrol! Oh, and we will definitely be wearing the awesome official Mountie hat Cailin got for us.

Quick Update Post-Safari

Ok folks, this update is being made on my phone because the Internet in this hotel is super unsecured, apparently. The laptop is not pleased, so I’m using my phone sans-wifi to make a quick post.

The safari was super fun, we saw loads of cool animals, and successfully avoided all but 1 overly-aggressive emu (hereafter referred to as EAGs). Plenty of pictures to follow tomorrow when we have better WiFi!